FCC Releases Net Neutrality Killing Order, Hopes You’re Too Busy Cooking Turkey To Read It

As we noted yesterday, the FCC is trying to use the Thanksgiving holiday to distract the press and public from its blatant handout to one of the least liked and least competitive industries in America. As we also noted yesterday, trying to bury such an epic middle finger to consumers behind the cranberry sauce is

Ice is always beauty

Ice can be stunningly lovely and furthermore very fluctuated in its appearance. The most evident contrasts are between the two fundamental ice sorts: arrive ice and ocean ice. In any case, even ocean ice can fluctuate drastically starting with one place then onto the next. On November 14, Operation IceBridge researcher John Sonntag took this

Congressmen request examination of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Sinclair Broadcast Group

Two individuals from the US House of Representatives have sent a formal letter to the Federal Communications Commission Inspector General requiring an examination of Chairman Ajit Pai. Vitality and Commerce Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) trust Pai “has taken activities to dishonorably beneļ¬t

Free-Floating Planets May be More Common Than Stars

  PASADENA, Calif. — Astronomers, including a NASA-funded team member, have discovered a new class of Jupiter-sized planets floating alone in the dark of space, away from the light of a star. The team believes these lone worlds were probably ejected from developing planetary systems. The discovery is based on a joint Japan-New Zealand survey

Nintendo bolsters ‘Arms’ eSports appeal with LAN play

Nintendo’s Arms, the romping go between Punch Out and Wii Sports Boxing (with reinforced movement controls), is getting another in a long line of guaranteed refreshes. The most eminent expansion in form 1.1.0 is LAN play, enabling players to hookup different Switch supports utilizing a wired LAN connector (that can be obtained independently) for additional

Apple’s self-driving tech gives off an impression of being one completely contained unit

Like such a significant number of organizations, Apple has been taking a shot at its own particular variant of self-driving innovation. A year ago, we discovered that the organization had moved far from outlining its own vehicle, picking rather to build up a framework that could be fused into existing vehicles. We’ve had looks of